Our Mission

At OK2Charge, we’re on a quest to make this planet greener, cleaner and healthier, by making eco-friendly energy more accessible for electric vehicle (EV) drivers wherever they live, work, or vacation.

We’re doing this by building a network of smart charging stations at thousands of destinations — bringing clean energy to the last mile of travel.

We also work to promote a culture of diversity, by taking proactive steps to hire the most diverse workforce possible — because we believe diverse perspectives make us stronger.

In all these ways, we’re making this world a better place to live, one charge at a time.

Our Values

We only get one planet Earth. At OK2Charge, we believe in taking responsible stewardship of this beautiful world of ours — and that means taking active steps to switch to cleaner energy sources, so we can keep this planet beautiful for tomorrow’s generations.


Our Vision

We’re working to build a future where long-distance travel is 100% carbon neutral. Our last-mile chargers make EV travel easier, encouraging more drivers to switch to zero-emission cars — and every charge on our network brings us one step closer to the greener future we envision.