Why should I install an EV charger at my property?

Offering EV charging has multiple benefits:

  • Property differentiator to offer EV-friendly vacation rentals which will increase rental demand 

  • Rapidly becoming an amenity guests look for and expect in a vacation rental 

  • There are currently various tax credits and incentives that subsidize the cost of purchasing and installing an EV charger


How much will my electricity bill increase by offering EV charging? 

This depends on how frequently guests utilize the amenity. However, OK2Charge encourages PMs to reimburse property owners when EV charging is selected for the reservation to cover the increased cost of electricity. 

How much does the electricity cost to charge an EV

Most charge sessions are ~1/2 the battery pack capacity. A typical charge may be ~40 kWh at ~$0.15 / kWh for an electrical cost of ~$6.00. 

How long does it take a guest to charge their electric vehicle? 

Our Level 2 smart EV chargers will recharge most EV’s between 30 to 45 miles of range per hour (RPH). To get a full charge on most batteries expect 6 to 8 hours. 

How much does OK2Charge cost? 

Our 40A chargers are $800 plus a $199 annual software fee. OK2Charge remits 80% of EV transaction fees and enables automated revshare between property owners and the property manager.

How hard is it to implement the OK2Charge platform?

Once you have purchased and installed the charger, the process is quick! Connecting the charger to WiFi will require someone to be physically located near the charger but the rest of onboarding can be handled remotely via your onboarding call.


Why shouldn’t I just install a dumb/non-networked charger? 

Giving away free electricity for EV charging is like giving away free gasoline. OK2Charge provides an end-to-end, fully automated solution that enables homeowners to offer guests a much-desired amenity without giving it away for free! 

What differentiates OK2Charge from buying a charger off Amazon for cheaper? 

Those chargers are essentially like a firehose of free electricity for your guests and residents.  Giving away free electricity for EV charging is like giving away free gasoline. OK2Charge provides a fully automated solution that allows property managers and homeowners to monetize a much-desired property amenity. A connected charger unlocks multiple possibilities, just to name a few: 

  • Charger access control linked to the reservation system, all done from anywhere once installed

  • The ability to provide guest access controls to the EV charger (only authorized guests can use the charger - no unwanted electrical expenses) 

  • Flexibility for the PM or Property Owner to define how much they want to charge for EV charging as a daily amenity -  pricing based on daily spot packages, length of reservation, or $/kWh

  • Energy reporting and monitoring in real-time 

  • Real-time notifications and alerts if the charger goes offline

  • Integrated with the leading Property Management Systems 

Lead time on shipping? 

We currently have all products in stock and can ship within one business day or your payment. If you are ordering more than 25 chargers at once, have your salesperson check the inventory status. 

What happens if I sell the home, will the charger still work? 

Yes, the charger will still work. The new owner can subscribe to our service or choose to use it as a non-connected charger. 

What does the PMS Integration do for me?

Integrating with your PMS opens lots of great options to improve guests' experience and increase revenue. When integrated with a PMS, properties and reservations flow through your OK2Charge control panel. Charging can then be monetized on a per-day fee based on reservation data. Our system also recognizes “owner reservations” and makes the charger available at no cost during an owner stay. There are many other options our sales team can go over with you. 

How long are the charger cables? 

The charger cable is 25 feet long, giving you maximum freedom to install your charger wherever needed. A convenient rack lets you store your electric vehicle charger’s cable neatly.

How do I prevent someone from plugging in and using my charger if they are not a guest? 

OK2Charge provides several access control options for a variety of use-cases. Some are more restrictive, some less. But which one is best for you? The mode you choose depends entirely on your property and the goals you have for your EV Charger.

Daily Amenity Mode

Daily Amenity Mode requires integration with your PMS or your iCal links entered into your c-panel. Once that is done you can set pricing for daily charging packages, with one price for single-day packages, and other options to charge less per day for longer stays. This mode also allows you to opt for automated emails to send to guests before they arrive so they are aware of the charger and can even pay ahead of time. Within Daily Amenity mode you can choose Protected or Standard. Protected mode allows only registered guests or residents to charge, while Standard mode allows any paying user to charge their EV

Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go allows users to charge and pay, as needed. When they are at your property they scan the QR code and follow the simple instructions. There are two options in ay as You Go mode. The protected mode allows only registered guests or residents to charge, while the Standard mode allows any paying User to charge their EV. No PMS or iCal integration is required with Pay as you go mode.

Would it be easy for someone to steal my charger? 

No, not at all. Our chargers are hardwired and mounted with a lockable mounting bracket making it unlikely someone would steal your charger. 

What will be my return on investment? 

ROI is hard to predict since it is based on utilization and other less tangible factors such as increased bookings as well as decreased missed opportunity bookings! 

Why do I have to pay a subscription fee and give up 20% of the revenue? 

Our subscription fee covers 3rd party integrations (property management systems, airbnb, vrbo, etc) and platform development whereas the 20% revshare covers credit card processing and margin to provide a solution that can be monetized. 

Where are your systems located and how long have you been in business? 

Our chargers are located all across the US, Mexico, and Canada. We have been in business since early 2021. 

Can they be installed in any environment / will they work in the cold / will they last in salty humid beach environments / will they rust? 

Our charging stations are designed for all weather conditions and are NEMA 4X rated for indoor or outdoor installations. 

What do you provide for support and or maintenance issues?  

Chargers have a one-year warranty and we will help to quickly facilitate a replacement if needed. We provide all support needed to get the charger online and your account set up, as well as continued support to optimize your account and settings as you get more and more charging sessions. Finally, we also provide support for guests with charging issues if needed

Do I need a wifi connection? 

Yes, after installation the next step is to connect to WIFI. The charger requires a ​reliable 2.4 GHz​ connection.

What do PMs typically charge their guests/residents? 

When using Daily Amenity Mode, flat daily fees vary by region, property type, and reservation duration. Typical rates range from $20 to $50 per day. We provide flexibility for each PM to set the rate structure they would like to charge guests. 

When using pay-as-you-go mode, which would be what most multi-family properties use as well as some short-term rentals, we recommend at a minimum, charging guests 2x your average cost for electricity per kWh. 

Does this work with Teslas? 

Yes, we can charge Teslas! When using an OK2Charge Level 2 Charger with a Tesla, make sure to have your J1772 Adapter. Seat the J1772 adapter firmly in the Tesla charge port on your vehicle. Connect the OK2Charge J1772 connector to the adapter.

Can I charge different rates to the public vs guests vs owners?

With lots of different payment settings options, there are ways to charge your registered guests one cost and non-guests a different rate.  There are also ways to add in “granted users’ so that owners or employees you designate get free or reduced charging. 

How much does it cost to install a charger

Installation costs vary based on electrical panel capacity, distance from the electrical panel to charger location, and labor costs. However, typical installations for single-family properties range from $300 to $600 before tax incentives. 

Does OK2Charge handle the installation? 

Your charger(s) must be installed by a certified electrician. If you need help finding an electrician, try our national partner, Q-Merit. Our chargers require a dedicated 240 Volt, 50A circuit breaker as well as a WiFi connection.

Can you do load sharing? 

Yes, our platform enables load sharing! We can group multiple chargers on a single electrical circuit.  

How much should a PM reimburse the property owner to cover the cost of electricity? 

Homeowner compensation is at the discretion of the property manager, but the Stripe settings in your account can be set for different homeowners within your account if you want to share revenue with the property owners. 

OK2Charge provides monthly usage statements that can be used to show the homeowner the increased cost of electricity due to EV charging. A reimbursement of ~$5 per day for EV chargers that are in use typically will cover the cost of electricity consumed.


How can guests look up if my rental has EV Charging? 

It's important to advertise your rental as EV friendly on your website and your PMC's site! If you're on AirBnb, they've recently added EV Charging as an amenity. Below is a quick video tutorial on how prospective guests can look it up. 


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