Vacation Rental Managers Getting Record Vendor Support

In the race to compete neck and neck with hotels, vacation rental managers are beginning to see more vendors cropping up to service them than in years past. This was especially visible at this year’s VRMA Connect in Colorado where about 250 attendees gathered in Breckenridge, CO at the Beaver Run Resort on Aug. 29, 2022. 


OK2Charge was one of the sponsors and held conversations with vacation rental companies with approximately 200 or more properties under their management. As companies of this size look at available amenity solutions, they’re careful to qualify those who are able to service them at scale. 


Installing electric vehicle charging stations at vacation rental properties is still in the dawn of adoption, so most of these conversations are educational in nature. But with nearly 15% of Airbnb units already claiming to have one installed, interest is beginning to pick up. 


Specifically in Colorado, sales of electric vehicles reached 13% of all car sales last year, which is a noteworthy increase from 2019 global car sales which saw only 2.5% going to electric vehicles. And with California’s headline making decisions recently, EV charging stations are only going to increase in popularity. 


With vacation rentals looking to differentiate themselves from hotels, and from each other, we anticipate that many of them will start to research charging stations, if they haven’t already begun to do so. This will be especially true in states where expansive government incentive programs will become much more restrictive in 2023. 


OK2Charge was happy to participate in VRMA Connect Colorado and will continue to have a presence at upcoming vacation rental industry conferences and events. The focus for our discussions and webinars will include more than just the environmental impacts. There are significant revenue opportunities for installing Level 2 EV charging stations. 


If you would like to learn more, but didn’t have a chance to catch us in Colorado, please let us know by reaching out here: 

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