Customer Success Story: Arrived Vacation Rentals

About the Customer

Arrived is the perfect partner for vacation rental owners who want to take advantage of busy destinations in Oregon and California. From Sunriver and Bend, OR to Palm Springs, CA, this full-service management company provides everything needed to turn a house into an unforgettable experience! From rent collection services right down to concierge-level guidance throughout the entire process - they'll make sure each guest's stay exceeds expectations while providing peace of mind that their investment will be well looked after.


Arrived spotted a rising demand for electric vehicles, and saw the potential to provide an environment that caters to eco-conscious guests. To ensure their properties offered top notch service with their Property Management System, they decided on an EV charging solution tailored specifically around owner needs.


Arrived wanted an EV charging solution that could empower both them and their property owners. Their goal was to make it as simple as possible for the owner to purchase, install, and monitor chargers while also allowing guests convenient access without having to worry about billing or usage fees - these would be handled seamlessly by integrating with Streamline's PMS system so payments were automatically added onto nightly rent.


Arrived needed an EV charging solution with three essential features: PMS integration, seamless guest experience, and hands-off functionality. 

1. PMS Integration 

To ensure the bookkeeper's workload was kept to a minimum, careful consideration of payment received from guests had to be taken. With Ok2Charge and Streamline working in tandem, Arrived needed an integration that streamlined payment from owners.


 2.  Seamless Guest Experience

Arrived saw the need to give their guests a hassle-free stay and empower them with the convenience of electric vehicle charging. So, the solution: adding EV charging usage fees directly onto guest stays for unbeatable one-stop payment.

3. Hands Off Functionality

Owners and property managers were in need of a solution to keep an eye on their EV chargers from afar, so they could troubleshoot any issues without having to be present. It was essential that they could make sure that everything was running smoothly for guests, no matter where they were.


Arrived has achieved the ultimate win-win-win situation as their manager Jennifer describes it, by installing EV charging solutions that empower the property management company, property owners and guests. With 3 chargers now installed at 3 different properties, they have reached their goal of easily charging owners for EV charging solutions, while Arrived pays for the service fee. At the same time, they’re able to bill back guests and add on their charging usage to a nightly rate. This makes it simple for the accounting department and guests!



According to Jennifer,  “This is such a good amenity to have these days to set a home apart and increase potential bookings on a specific unit. The additional revenue is great, but my personal opinion is that the additional bookings are the best part. The guests also love it because they don’t have to sit in a nearby (or far away) town and charge on their way in or way out of their long awaited ‘get away.’ It’s been a win/win/win for us!”

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