Customer Success Story: Unique Northwest Vacation Rentals

About the Customer

MJ Boyle is the proud owner and manager of Unique Northwest Vacation Rentals, providing stunning options for weddings, vacations, and retreats throughout the northwest. Whether guests are looking for a place to stay for a special event or just an opportunity to escape from everyday life – their charming rentals accommodate everyone.



As more guests started expressing interest in electric vehicles, MJ recognized a trend and saw the opportunity to cater to eco-conscious visitors. To ensure seamless integration with her Property Management System, she needed an EV charging solution to meet her needs. 


The three most critical features MJ was seeking in an EV charging solution were:


  • The ability for guests to charge and go
  • A customized platform tailored to her rentals’ payment process 
  • Hands-off functionality


1. Charge and go solution

  • The charger needed to be located in a common parking area with lighting and two-way audio cameras
  • Guests on a road trip needed use the recreation areas on her property
    • Park area for kids
    • Chairs and fire pit
    • Access to hiking trails, yoga deck, and restroom


2.  Customized platform tailored to her unique payment process

  • Pay as you go - this was particularly important to MJ for charge and go customers
  • Packages for longer term guests - sometimes MJ has guests who stay for longer periods, so she needed a package to meet their needs 
  • Free and granted status for MJ and employees - MJ and employees needed to charge their EVs for free! 

3. Hands Off Functionality

  • MJ is often 3 hours from the property and manages from a distance, especially in the off season - she needed an easy solution that she could manage from far away. 
  • Cell service doesn't extend to her property, creating a few unique needs:
    • Wifi solutions were a must
    • An intuitive system that didn't require an app to be downloaded
    • Ability to trouble shoot and monitor from a distance
OK2Charge's customizations were able to meet all of MJ's unique needs.


MJ has achieved the ultimate win-win situation by installing EV charging stations powered entirely with solar energy. Her guests can benefit from convenient, zero-emission electric car charging while MJ profits and increases her monthly revenue. It's a sustainable solution that helps everyone - now THAT'S green thinking.


MJ has successfully differentiated her rental property from the rest of the competition thanks to one key upgrade: EV chargers. With this addition, she's now competing with far fewer properties that don't offer electric vehicle charging services - diminishing concerns about lost bookings due to the lack of this amenity. With OK2Charge's customized solution, she has flexibility in how her guests pay and managing her chargers from hours away is not an issue!


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